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Small Business Profile for Washington State

The Office of Advocacy’s Small Business Profiles are an annual analysis of each state’s small business activities. Each profile gathers the latest information from key federal data-gathering agencies to provide a snapshot of small business health and economic activity. This year’s profiles report on state economic growth and employment; small business employment, industry composition, and […]

Current and Future Minimum Wage

The following Washington State Department of Labor & Industries page contains current and future minimum wage rules in the state of Washington. Increases are coming starting January of 2020 and 2021. This page also has resources including an FAQ section and the most recent laws, policies and more information. Employers with workers who work in […]

Success is sweet when baker becomes business owner

CHELAN, Wash.—Catalina Jimenez gets up in the middle of the night so that she can be at the bakery by 3:30 a.m. most mornings. Depending on the season, by the time the sun starts peeking through the windows, she already has trays of Danishes, bear claws or croissants in the oven. Five years ago, when […]

New small business services coming to the North Peninsula

PORT ANGELES—Aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage small business owners on the Olympic Peninsula are slated to receive expanded business advising services this fall. Duane Fladland, state director of the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC), has announced that the SBDC is partnering with the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship to provide early stage advising to entrepreneurs […]

New owners create community hub at general store

AENEAS VALLEY, Wash.— The Aeneas Valley Country Store near milepost 11 is the only business along a remote 18-mile country road just south of the Canadian border that connects Highway 20 to the north and Highway 21 to the south. “We want to make that 18 miles feel like one block,” said Doug Isler, who […]

Changes to Washington’s Equal Pay and Opportunities Act

Tumwater – Changes to Washington’s Equal Pay and Opportunities Act will add additional protections for employees and job applicants. The updated law that takes effect on July 28 bars employers from requesting a job applicant’s wage or salary history, except under certain circumstances. The law also makes it illegal, in most cases, for employers to request wage […]

Pet grooming business thrives under new ownership

PULLMAN, Wash.—Danielle Voorhees and Melanie Morris were thrilled when their employer said she wanted to sell Zelda’s Pet Grooming, a local institution with little competition. “Are you interested?” the owner asked.   They responded immediately: “Yes, definitely. We are.” On paper it wasn’t promising. Dani had been a full-time dog groomer at Zelda’s for just […]

Changes to the sales tax exemption for qualified nonresidents effective July 1, 2019

Starting today (July 1) there is no longer a retail sales tax exemption for sales to qualified nonresidents at the point of sale. See the Washington Department of Revenue’s page: https://dor.wa.gov/find-taxes-rates/retail-sales-tax/sales-nonresidents Starting in January 2020, qualified nonresidents will be able to request a refund of the state portion of the sales tax for eligible purchases […]