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Business advising helps builders grow amid Great Recession

KENNEWICK, Wash.–Every business has a story and the story of Elite Construction and Development is an unlikely one. In 2007 J. Trinidad “Trini” Garibay was making a good living selling cars–he’d been in sales three years and had been named “Salesman of the Year” all three years. Business at the Ford dealership where he worked […]

intelliPaper blurs the lines between digital & paper communication

SPOKANE, Wash.—The trend to “go paperless” imagines that there is a distinction between paper communication and digital communication, but intelliPaper, imagines something different. intelliPaper, started by Eastern Washington entrepreneur Andrew DePaula in 2009, is a technology company that embeds digital information in paper, putting it well on the way to revolutionizing a medium that has […]

SBDC Advisor helps Yakima optometrist realize his vision

YAKIMA, Wash.—Twenty/twenty vision isn’t the same as “perfect vision.” Just ask one of the millions of people who can’t stand watching a 3D movie. In fact, says Ben Winters, a developmental optometrist and owner of Washington Vision Therapy Center in Yakima, 3D movies are a useful screening tool in diagnosing vision problems that are sometimes […]

Webfor’s revenues increase 144% with SBDC advising

VANCOUVER, Wash.—Webfor, a website design and marketing company had been in business for three years and was showing steady growth. Then, in early 2012, owner Kevin Getch started meeting with Buck Heidrick, a certified business advisor with the SBDC in Vancouver. Over the next 12 months, that steady growth took a momentous leap forward. Rapid […]

SBDC serves up sound business advice for growing catering business

VANCOUVER, Wash.—Just five years after creating Pacific Perks, a “personal café” start-up, Jim and Natalie Fairchild are in the enviable position of owning a business that isn’t just sustainable, but scalable. Ask her where she wants to be in five years and Natalie says she is of two minds: build empire or maintain a life-work […]

Responza provides small businesses with wide and deep IT expertise

Written by Hope Tinney SEATTLE, Wash. — How many small business owners have the budget to staff an IT department adequate for immediate needs and future growth? Almost none, says Lance Becker, owner of Responza LLC, an IT consulting and service company for small and medium-sized businesses. “Small businesses can afford one IT guy,” Becker […]

Giddyup Salon moving forward with contemporary designs

Written by Hope Tinney OKANOGAN, Wash.—When Colette Jones left full-time work as a hair stylist in 2007 to pursue a career in custom clothing design, few would have predicted that five years later she’d own her own upscale beauty salon and spa—with retail space for boutique clothing. “Building this business has been quite the process,” […]

Port Townsend entrepreneurs put faith in craft, community and commerce

Written by Hope Tinney PORT TOWNSEND, Wash.—Bazaar Girls Yarn and Fibre Shop on the waterfront in Port Townsend is stuffed to overflowing with yarns both luxurious and country rough—from angora to alpaca, cashmere to cotton, mohair to merino—in a kaleidoscope of color combinations. In addition to the yarn, there are patterns, buttons, needles, notions, fabric, […]