Bellingham – Asche Rider

Location: Bellingham
Address: 1616 Cornwall Ave., Ste 119
City: Bellingham
State: WA
Zip Code: 98225
Telephone: (360) 778-1762

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Asche comes to the SBDC with experience in the agriculture, finance, and hospitality industries. Growing up in a rural area and a family owned ‘all-hands-on-deck’ agricultural business instilled in her a deep respect for the hard work and numerous skill sets needed to run a business. Asche has primarily worked in high-growth businesses over the past 15 years, including restaurants, wealth management, and meat fabrication. Most recently, Asche was the general manager of a local start-up meat producer’s cooperative.  With the co-op Asche utilized her strategic, operational, financial, sales, marketing, food safety, and analytical skills to launch and establish the co-op’s wholesale meat label and a USDA inspected mobile processing unit.

Asche has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Simpson College in Iowa and a master’s degree in business administration from Western Washington University. She believes deeply in creating strong local economies by equipping businesses with the tools they need for success, and has a personal drive to use business to create positive community impacts.