With SBDC Advising, sawyer sees business grow

RENTON, Wash.-Joshua Wilke had been a successful one-man tree…

Business Expansion

Washington SBDC advisors have been helping Washington businesses achieve their full potential since 1980. Contact an advisor to learn more about how we can help you increase the value of your business or assist you with a business issue.

Our Certified Business Advisors and International Trade Advisors assist owners and managers with in-depth confidential and no-cost assistance designed to address every aspect of your business management and operation.

SBDC business advising includes the following:

  • Obtain the Capital You Need

    Our advisors can help you find capital to fit your business situation and provide tools to help you prepare your financials, business plan and presentation for a lender or investor.

    WSBDC Getting A Business Loan presentation

  • Market Intelligence

    Starting or expanding a business takes more than just a good idea. It takes good information. Advisors work with the WSBDC Research Team to find current market information on a variety of topics that will help you make educated decisions that could mean the difference between success and failure.

    Areas of research include:

    • Business formation
    • Marketing/sales data
    • Specific industry trends
    • Target market demographics
    • Identification of product line manufacturers
    • Competitors in specific geographic areas
    • General management information
    • Sources of capital
  • Human Resource (HR) Issues

    SBDC can assist with:

    • Determining costs associated with adding employees
    • Finding and keeping qualified employees
    • Covering your bases regarding payroll tax and record keeping requirements
  • Buying or Selling a Business

    Let us help you asses viability and prepare for success before purchasing or selling a business. We can help you review the business’s financials, provide business valuation methods, and prepare your business for profitable succession.

  • Marketing Plans

    A workable marketing plan is essential for the success of your product or service.  SBDC advisors will help you establish a practical plan that you can implement to drive customers to your business.

Our statewide network of 34 expert advisors can help you achieve your goals for business expansion, stabilization, resilience and more. SBDC client companies see 13% higher sales than the average Washington business. We are here to help you start and manage a thriving business,  increase sales and revenue, create jobs, access capital and prosper.

The Washington SBDC also offers interactive remote advising sessions to fit your busy schedule.

ROI Metrics

Small businesses that work with the WSBDC generate 20% more revenue throughout their first 3 years of business.

“He took everything I wrote and made it better” “He made sure it sounded professional and he added research on demographics and other market research.” “If I didn’t have [my SBDC advisor], I don’t think the bank would have given me the loan”

Dr. Tashauna Devine Devine Chiropractic Ephrata December 23, 2019