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SPOKANE, Wash. – When Coleen Quisenberry created Flexhibit to design, assemble and install hands-on, interactive science exhibits for discovery centers and children’s museums, she assumed her primary customers would be in the United States.

Flexhibit’s Circuit Bench display.

But that strategy changed in June 2015 when she attended the European Collaborative for Science, Industry & Technology Exhibition (ECSITE) in Italy. Presenters talked about the need for exhibits that were hands-on, interactive and focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) concepts – exactly the kind of exhibits Flexhibit ( designs and sells. Plus, Flexhibit’s modular wall systems can be set up and taken down quickly and floors can be reset and combined in a variety of ways to keep displays fresh for visitors.

“While other exhibit companies seemed to be getting away from classic hands-on exhibits, we had gone back to them and it really stuck a chord,” Quisenberry said. Flexhibit designers have created eight different exhibits ( including Air Rockets, Circuit Bench and Sail Cars – and more are in development.


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