Specialty Training

The WSBDC is proud to partner with the following nationally recognized organizations

Profit Mastery – Learn Financial Strategies that Lead to a Profitable Business

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This seminar is offered in multiple formats that include: two-day, four half-day, small group and one-on-one when appropriate. This seminar is a hands-on, case-study-based workshop designed to give you practical understanding of and ability to use your financials to better manage your business and work more effectively with your lender and accounting professionals.

Learn to:
  • Better manage your business
  • Work with your lender
  • Work smarter with your accountant
  • How to get that loan by better understanding your business
What You Receive:
  • Over nine hours of in-depth training
  • Comprehensive 275-page workbook, including case studies and worksheets – with answers
  • Six hours of hands-on case studies with a professional business advisor
  • Access to long-term and in-depth business advising from a Certified Business Advisor, at no additional cost, through a Small Business Development Center near you

Franklin Covey – The 7 habits for Business Managers

This two-day workshop focuses exclusively on the management applications of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, giving managers the tools to take initiative, resolve conflicts, and unleash the talents and passions of their teams. You’ll discover how to apply the principals from The 7 Habits to create balance in a healthy, cohesive work environment.
What You’ll Learn:
  • How to resist overreacting to difficult situations
  • The importance of responsibility, accountability and commitment
  • Skills for building real trust among coworkers
  • How to become a resourceful, effective manager who quickly accomplishes goals
  • How to manage yourself
  • How to lead others
  • How to unleash the potential of your team
What You Receive
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People audio CD
  • Participant guidebook – an 81-page manual filled with examples and exercises that continue to enhance the learning process after the workshop is over

Business Training – Foundation For a Profitable Future



The NxLeveL Entrepreneurial Training Programs are practical, hands-on business development courses designed to help entrepreneurs advance their skills in starting growing and managing their business.

This program is highly successful with a proven track record. Existing businesses who complete NxLevel training see – on average – a 32 percent increase in gross sales within one year. Graduates with smaller companies (annual gross sales of less than $200,000) experience an even more dramatic success rate, with an average of over 200 percent higher sales. When start-up businesses were surveyed after three years, over 93 percent who completed NxLeveL training were still operating. The national average is just 16.5 percent.

The NxLeveL Entrepreneur course is a 12 session intensive training program designed to encourage business expansion in a community. The course focuses on teaching the art of better business practices while producing a comprehensive business plan to guide business expansion decisions and activities. Entrepreneurs will learn the following as they prepare a written business action plan:

  • How and when to start an action plan
  • How to organize and better manage your business
  • How to indentify opportunities and market your business
  • How to understand and get the business’ financials in order
  • How and where to get funding for your business
  • How to write a detailed, comprehensive action plan
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs
  • How to develop a network with small business support services

Who should take this course?Are you finally ready to plan for the success of your business? Do you wish you better understood your business financial statements? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider enrolling in the NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs course.

Curriculum Session Outline:

  • introduction, overview & entrepreneurship gain an understanding of the NxLeveL™ Business Plan, and begin to develop the business mission statement, goals and objectives
  • planning & research: entrepreneurial essentials begin market/industry research through identification and usage of research resources
  • organizational matters: management & legal structure explore legal and organizational topics including: legal structures, government taxes and regulations, risk management and employee issues
  • marketing—“behind the scenes”: analysis & understanding learn key concepts of analyzing your market including customer profiling and competitive analysis
  • marketing—“on stage”: strategies, tactics & implementation develop marketing strategies around the product, pricing, promotion and distribution elements of your business
  • financial overview: books, records & controls examine how your books and records become “the language of business”
  • managing your money: financial planning, budgets & assumptions understand how to develop and derive feedback from budgets
  • managing your money: developing and using cash flow projections learn to prepare and use the ultimate “management tool” – cash flow projections
  • understanding and using your financial statements take the mystery out of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and other financial statements by learning how to use the numbers
  • financing your business: alternative sources of money evaluate financing options and determine which are best for you
  • the deal making process: negotiating in the real world develop an understanding of the negotiating process and techniques
  • your business future: managing growth and plan completion what’s next? growth? expansion? what’s your business’s future?

Includes comprehensive text, support materials and expert guest speakers
This program is SEAP (Self Employment Assistance Program) Approved