Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten is a business advisor with around 12 years of professional experience embedded in social services. She is part of the Center of Inclusive Entrepreneurship where she helps better serve marginalized communities and other vulnerable groups along their business ownership journey. Her primary area of coverage is the North Cascades; including Skagit, Snohomish, Island, and Whatcom County.

She touts many accomplishments including having graduated top of class at her university but favors a story of helping a young construction company to structure their business from the ground up including, walking them through developing a more competitive business profile which included HUB Zone certification, SAM registration, MOB certification and a few others to better identify and pursue targeted contract opportunities that aligned with their goals and capabilities. Kirsten helped this client to land a substantial contract with the airport in the city of Dallas that helped skyrocket this young company’s growth and solidify their market position. She looks forward to connecting and fostering connections to better support WA State’s entrepreneurs and businesses.  

Kirsten earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Langston university in Langston, Oklahoma.  When she is not helping entrepreneurs and business owner to manifest, design, analyze and execute their own ideal businesses, she dedicates her time to fighting against adverse birth experiences and outcomes for birthing people. 

 Kirsten is proud of the work she does within the community and is proud to work for The Center of Inclusive Entrepreneurship. She continues to stay in touch with entrepreneurs that she has mentored; many of them have gone on to excel, survive and thrive despite obstacles. Kirsten has helped clients across the nation to grow their businesses and land substantial contracts with cities and other municipalities. She looks forward to bringing her expertise and voice forward as part of the team.