Lorena Lowell

Lorena has over 25 years of experience in business management, finances, and marketing for for-profit, and nonprofit organizations. She has worked extensively with businesses; land acquisitions; land use and development; strategic planning; federal, state, and local contracts; government policy development; regulations and implementations; as well as franchises.

Most of Lorena’s professional career has involved founding and managing business startups.
Lorena possesses an MBA, and BA in marketing and advertising, a minor in economic development and tourism, and is a certified court and polygraph translator and mediator.

Fluent in her native Spanish, Lorena often plays a cross-cultural, bilingual role on projects and boards in her community and at the national level.

An avid cook (currently working on her first book), Lorena enjoys spending time with her two adult children, outdoor activities, travel, yoga, reading, and gardening.