Mia Johnstone

Mia has over 12 years of experience helping small businesses define/refine their value proposition and thrive. She was the creator of the L.A. Private School Guide, a Los Angeles-based publication for students and parents that included information on more than 30 private schools in Southern California. As a publisher, she also handled advertising, hard copy distribution, social media engagement, blogging, and SEO. After several years of hard copy publication, the Guide became an online source and within six months was ranked #1 for private school searches. Mia also organized professional development opportunities for private school staff to support recruitment and enrollment goals.

Mia also has extensive experience in portrait photography and had her own photography business for more than six years. She worked with clients to create portraits that captured important moments in time and also would hold their value over a lifetime. Her photography skills and design/image expertise have been an integral asset for business owners seeking assistance with branding and marketing.

Mia is well versed in branding and making communication clear across diverse platforms. She has built an online readership through lead pages and email automation. She loves teaching technology tools that help grow businesses.

Mia is fluent in Spanish and earned her MBA from California State University Northridge.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Business branding
  • Defining and reaching target markets
  • Customer service management
  • Business plans
  • Social media outreach