Software engineering secures modern enterprise against cyber-attacks

REDMOND, Washington – With the proliferation of mobile devices in businesses around the world, securing those mission-critical devices and the data contained within has emerged as a growing concern.

Security threats emerge from all sides: competitors trying to hack proprietary information; lost or stolen devices compromising company security; co-mingling of company business and personal communication on employee-owned devices; keeping software or company data updated on multiple devices simultaneously, and the list goes on.

Satish Shetty, founder of Codeproof

In 2011, Satish Shetty left his job as a software engineer at Microsoft Corp. to focus on establishing Codeproof, a mobile device management (MDM) and security company based on his industry-proven expertise and experience in securing the modern enterprise against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Codeproof officially launched in October 2012 and in the years since, the Cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) platform has grown astronomically to include a long list of services, including small business mobile security, MDM for all major hand-held devices, mobile expense management, mobile kiosk management, mobile application management, secure web browsing, BYOD security software, IoT (Internet of Things) security, and Geofencing or location-based IT policies, among others.

He is currently working with about 100 different companies in 15 countries. Those clients come from a range of industries including healthcare, transportation, education, real estate, hospitality and defense.

Shetty’s business plan was written with the needs of small and mid-size businesses in mind, but opening his own small business was daunting in itself.

“It took six months to transition from a Microsoft way of thinking to a start-up way of thinking,” he said. “You don’t have teams of people working on different aspects of product development”, he said, “it’s all on you.”

Fortunately, Shetty discovered the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and began meeting with Don Yates, an SBDC certified business advisor who meets one-on-one with clients in both Redmond and Bellevue. Yates’ work is also supported by the City of Bellevue and OneRedmond.

Meeting with Yates, Shetty said, helped him realize that there is a lot more to a successful business than having a great product. “I used to be more of an engineer and just focus on product development,” he said, but now he has to focus on the entire business, including customer service, business development, marketing and sales. “I’m really enjoying it,” he said, “I’m learning new things all the time.”

According to Shetty, Yates provided guidance on numerous issues, including pushing Shetty to make sure he understood his target market and his customers’ needs.

Yates assists with big-picture strategic discussions as well as contributing to the seemingly small details that can make a big difference, Shetty said.

Sometimes, Shetty said, Yates brings about novel ideas and resources he had never thought of, and other times Yates simply validates that Shetty and his team are heading in the right direction. For an entrepreneur trying to grow a business, that kind of support is invaluable, he said.

“You need a lot of focus to start your own business,” Shetty said, “a lot of focus.” Fortunately his SBDC advisor helps him stay focused and moving ahead.

By Hope B. Tinney

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