Kathy Bastow

Kathy’s small business experience started in her early 20’s when she became co-owner of local bicycle sales and service store. Later she worked in a large corporation as mid-level manager supporting an award-winning software technical support department.

For the past several years she has been the owner of a service firm providing accounting, financial analysis and QuickBooks consulting and training services to small businesses. She has worked with a range of eclectic entrepreneurs and their staff to streamline accounting processes for efficiency and assist them with developing accurate financial data for better decision making. Her special interest is in providing owners with the financial understanding they will need to proactively manage and sustainably grow their business. For more than eight years, Kathy taught QuickBooks classes and a variety of small business courses for the Adult Education program at Whatcom Community College.

Kathy has bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in small business management from Western Washington University and a masters in applied behavioral science, with a focus on organizational systems from City University.

Kathy has a strong passion and avocation for all things art or craft and has been a lifelong “maker.” Currently, she is an avid abstract painter. Kathy enjoys bringing her structured left-brain skills and creative right brain skills to all engagements.