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A network of business experts

Washington SBDC business advisors provide professional, no-cost, confidential assistance to business owners and managers in just about any industry and at any stage of business development. All of our advisors have years of experience in business management and hold university degrees in business administration. Most have been small business owners themselves.

SBDC advising is by appointment only and is available both in person and via online platforms such as Zoom.

This directory contains biography information for each advisor.

Additional specialties:

SBDC International Trade Certified Business Advisors are NASBITE Certified Global Business Professionals and have additional experience, mentoring and professional development in the area of international trade.

SBDC Technology Certified Business Advisors have additional course work and experience in high technology disciplines.

  • Allan Peterson

    Allan Peterson

  • Andrew Powers

    Andrew Powers

  • Ann Zimmerman

    Ann Zimmerman

  • Asche Rider

    Asche Rider

  • Aziz Makhani

    Aziz Makhani

  • Barry Schoening

    Barry Schoening

  • Brandon Nicholas

    Brandon Nicholas

  • Christy Mastin

    Christy Mastin

  • CJ Seitz

    CJ Seitz

  • Devin Gonzalez

    Devin Gonzalez

  • Ellie He

    Ellie He

  • Eric Grimstead

    Eric Grimstead

  • Giselle Saguid

    Giselle Saguid

  • Jennifer Shelton

    Jennifer Shelton

  • Jerry Petrick

    Jerry Petrick

  • Joyce Oswald

    Joyce Oswald

  • Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia

  • Kathy Bastow

    Kathy Bastow

  • Kevin Grossman

    Kevin Grossman

  • Kirk Duncan

    Kirk Duncan

  • Kristina Hines

    Kristina Hines

  • Lew Blakeney

    Lew Blakeney

  • Liliana Deck

    Liliana Deck

  • Liz Jamieson

    Liz Jamieson

  • Manny Bonilla

    Manny Bonilla

  • Maria Peña

    Maria Peña

  • Melissa Tanno

    Melissa Tanno

  • Micah Jonet

    Micah Jonet

  • Mike Darrow

    Mike Darrow

  • Paul Bowen

    Paul Bowen

  • Phon Sivongxay

    Phon Sivongxay

  • Rich Shockley

    Rich Shockley

  • Rick Bushman

    Rick Bushman

  • Rick Dickinson

    Rick Dickinson

  • Ron Nielsen

    Ron Nielsen

  • Scott Glennie

    Scott Glennie

  • SharonAnn Hamilton

    SharonAnn Hamilton

  • Shawn Palmer

    Shawn Palmer

  • Sherri Daymon

    Sherri Daymon

  • Steve Burke

    Steve Burke

  • Taryn Hornby

    Taryn Hornby

  • Ursula Sanson

    Ursula Sanson

  • Veronica Ochoa

    Veronica Ochoa

  • Victor Ponce

    Victor Ponce