Scott Glennie

  • Certified Business Advisor

Scott C. Glennie is a Certified Business Advisor at the Spokane office of the Washington Small Business Development Center. Scott’s aim is to equip business owners with the tools to succeed.

Scott began his career in public accounting and has spent the last twenty-six years as a CEO/CFO in the health care industry. He has extensive operations experience and understands how to engage employees and link their individual job descriptions to the company’s business objectives and strategy, which is essential to becoming a high-performing business.

Scott earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degree in health policy and administration from Washington State University. Although Scott maintains an active CPA certificate in Washington State, the scope of his professional services is limited to his position as a Certified Business Advisor at Washington SBDC. He also holds the Chartered Global Management Accountant professional designation through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Scott’s interests outside of work include spending time with his wife and daughter, reading the biographies of CEOs and business influencers, following the financial markets, running the trails along High Drive, and jet boating in Hells Canyon.

Areas of Specialization:

  1. Bank financing
  2. Strategy and business planning
  3. Financial forecasting including cost, volume, profit and capacity modeling, and break-even analysis
  4. Optimizing profits and cash flow
  5. Helping business owners answer key operations questions e.g. what would be the impact on net income if I purchase this new equipment?
  6. Assisting business owners with the development and use of key performance measures to improve company and employee performance  
  7. Acting as a “sounding board” for business owners to discuss their ideas